Meet your DDA members

Chairperson – Jane Allison/Baldwin Lumber

Secretary/Treasurer – Deborah Smith-Olson/Lake Osceola State Bank

Josh Johnson/Pompeii’s Pizza

James Truxton/Village President

Tony Gagliardo/Area Resident

Darci Maldonado/Pandora’s Box

Seth Wenger/Wenger Insurance

Lamont Hill/Property Owner

Andrew Gremel/The Gremel Group

DDA Administrator – Robert Toland

Engineer – Fishbeck

The DDA will holdĀ semi-annual informational meetings at the regular meetings in April and October, in compliance with the RECODIFIED TAX INCREMENT FINANCING ACT, Act 57 of 2018, as amended.

Upcoming DDA Meetings

Meetings are held at the Village Office and begin at 3pm.

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Plan